Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am starting this blog so I can keep up with what I have have and haven't finished yet. We started to look for a house before the housing market crashed, and every time we found a house we really liked, I knew we should not get into another loan. So we decided to start fixing up the house we already own. The kitchen is where we started, as there was no joy in cooking in the existing setup: only one person could be in the kitchen at the same time.
From kitchen
When the side-by-side refrigerator doors were open, it blocked the entrance. When we were doing the dishes, nobody could get through or open the cabinet doors to put away the pots and pans, and the open dishwasher door took up about half the floor space. The next post is an original post on my myspace page a year ago, February 26, 2008

Endless project

Remodeling, not the Laundry... Particle wood sub flooring is not a choice I would of made when putting floors in a house. A leak under the house caused some pretty bad damage to the kitchen and dining room floor. After fixing two other holes in the house I finally decided to claim this one our insurance. Since it happened in two rooms we got enough coin to tear out the old floor and replace a 6'x6' POS sub flooring with real plywood.
It started as a small hole and as I pulled up more carpet we found out it went further under the sink where there was obviously an older leak.
So, after tearing the sink out I had to replace the whole area with new sub flooring and relocating all the plumbing. I didn't take pictures of the huge hole but here are some before pictures or the dismantling of the kitchen.

After all of this I placed the sub flooring in and started with the Laminate flooring, We've been buying it for awhile for this project and the rest of the house but it turns out the flooring we were buying and used for the kids bathroom, hall and living room they quit selling it and we were unable to find it so we had to go with a different style that almost matches.

Not too noticeable and it transitions from the living room to the kitchen area just fine.

hmmm lovely wallpaper...
From kitchen

Nice looking cabinets, no?.. (particle wood with contact paper and plastic molding...niiice)

Brought in the new sink cabinet and after much struggling with the plumbing I finally get it all working including the new dishwasher and a couple of other new cabinets. Oh yeah, before I could continue I had to fix the wall were we are moving the sink and counters to. The previous owners had an air conditioner in the wall and when they removed it they did a half ass job repairing the wall, missing studs flimsy paneling etc. Don't worry we are adding a splash board and hanging cabinets to this wall so we won't have to see such lovely paneling and wallpaper. Meanwhile I got a 30 inch cabinet and modified it so the toe kick could be used as another drawer. I always felt that is was a waste of space not to have a drawer there so I built one in.

I plan on doing a step by step how to on my next cabinet I buy so I can show how easy it is to do this. Yes, I'm a geek and I've spent all kinds of time on the net trying to find other ideas for hidden storage. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them. Until next time..