Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Video Expo closing

Rob Gwilt the owner of Video Expo store since 1994 has decided to close the shop due to his father retiring and will be taking over Reel Action Video in Clyde. Economic hardships, illegal downloads, coping and pirating and sharing copies of new theateral movies has caused the store to be less profitable than it once was. Taking over Reel Action Video is a family friendly and a long time buisness in Clyde and since Rob lives in Clyde it will eliminate the almost daily round trip to Abilene.

Video Expo is where you went to get something a little more obscure than the general new release. They carried Hong Kong and other Asian favorites, cult classics, Anime, TV series, and is well known for their 5 movies 5 days 5 dollar daily special. Chances are you may not find those little known favorites at the bigger chain stores, but you generally could at Abilene's niche and oldest video store Video Expo.

The plan is to have the store closed by August 20th 2010 and will be selling off all merchandise starting sometime around July 19th 2010. Everything is for sale; if it does not have a price, please ask, long time Expo employees Elaine 15 years, Mickey 14 years and Phil 13 years are going to be organizing the store to sell common genres like comedy, drama, action, seperate areas of the store for $5.00 each. New releases and more unusual titles will sell for $9.00 on the other half of the store as well as Blu-Ray for 9.99 each. Adult movies will start at half off the set price. Series and Anime sets will be priced as marked. Video Expo will also be selling racks, registers, DVD players, and other Misc. equipment.

Hollywood Video, a chain of movie stores with locations across the country closed it's doors earlier this year and several other video-rental stores in the area have closed recently because of the changing market

We are really disappointed that we are closing amd the hardest part will be not visiting with our friends who come to visit on a regular basis. The closing of Video Expo leaves just one independent video store left in Abilene, Box Office Video on Judge Ely and we encourage everyone to support your locally run stores.

To all our dedicated customers, we thank you for your support and love of great film and making work an enjoyable experience these past 16 years.

More and updated information will be posted at our website

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