Monday, February 28, 2011

2 Bear Claw - filling with cream cheese and brown sugar. Cut a square and place filling as a rolled log.

2 Pinwheel - Dried fruit and cream cheese maybe sugar, square dough cut co

2 Chocolate croissant - roll out thinner than you normally would to add the chocolate.

Danish Blueberry - roll dough cut slices on both sides and interlace dough.

Pizza dough - 6 to 1 All Purpose to High Gluten

Icings - higher butter fat
Butter-cream 3 types French (egg yokes) Italian (egg whites) American (lightly salted butter, powdered sugar. rich but light smooth fluffy.)
Fondant - Cooked mix of sugar and water.
Foam - Hot simple syrup added to whipped egg whites. Very hard to do suppose to be light fluffy and sweet.
Fudge - Sugar, butter, milk or butter.
Glaze - powder sugar and a liquid
Royal icing - uncooked mix of powder sugar, egg whites which makes it hard brittle when dry.
Ganache - melted chocolate and cream. Whipped or poured.

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