Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our new block is baking, we finally got to spend some time in the kitchen.- We had to make five items, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar cookies, Southern biscuits, Focaccia, Baguette. Chocolate chip cookies formula is made with shortening instead of butter or other fat. I made a change to the formula and added half butter. Didn't make that much of a change other than crispy edges. We did over proof our bread but that was my fault I didn't follow up on where it was placed while it is proofing and my partner had to test out on the bar setup. It was totally disorganized and chaotic and fun. Today we are talking about pies- Pate' Brissee (Un-sweet dough, Flaky) inbetween with less flaky- more flaky. less flaky is considered mealy or short. Pate' Sucree is a sweet flaky IE tarts. Pate Sablee IE. Short bread.

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