Monday, February 28, 2011

Laminated dough

Today we are going to be baking up our dough that we (Heather) prepared on Thursday. That should be good. I'm not sure what else we are up to but I'm looking forward to it. Baking after all is what got me into cooking. I understand why most cooks/chefs don't like to bake. (If you have issues with controlling every aspect of a dish) It is process you have to go through and hope you got every bit of the formula right. As for cooking you are able to tweak to save a dish if you didn't do it exactly like the recipe is written.

I usually try doing my own homework on what we are doing in class but this weekend I was prepping my garden and visiting friends. I did make some biscuits last night for dinner using bread flour (I thought that is all we had) and I did laminated the left over dough to see if that would help with leavening and it did somewhat but still some nice hockey pucks were had.

Hopefully today I will get to set up to take some more pictures. Who knows maybe I will be doing something with media and food for my capstone.

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