Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1 March 2011 Time management

Onion Ring Loaves - Fail I didn't let it proof long enough the second time around. The whole point of time management. lol

5 min scaling
20 min proof
35 min Bench
15 cooking
10 cool


Spiced Oat Meal Cookies - Mat took this one and did well, a little under-cooked at first but he put them back for a couple more min and they came out just right.

5 min gather and scale
3 to cream
5 to shape
12 to cook
10 to rest


Crepes - I think they came our real well but when I reheated them they were a bit like sheets of rubber.

5 min to gather and scale
2 to mix
5 min to cook

Fudge Icing - Added a squeeze of orange and the flavor waw good, we used it on the cake and it was too sweet.

10 min to gather and scale
5 to mix

Pineapple Coulis

5 to gather and scale
15 prep
5 production
sorbet 12 min.

Strawberry Gelee- Mat did another good job on it.

5 to gather and scale
20 Production

American pound cake Texture was perfect but I think it was cooked a little too long. Chef C said it was good and we will use it for bread pudding. hmmm yum.

10 to gather and scale
5 to cream
75 min cook time
15 rest
20 to ice and fill

t/2 hrs 5 min

High Ratio yellow cake in cake pan Perfect texture, bad choice of icing another good job Mat.

15 min to gather and scale
15 to mix
35 production
15 to cool
30 to cut and ice
t/1 hour 15 min.

When gathering items, gather for more than one recipe.


Standardized Recipe- 20 servings
Exe Chef first made it and it takes 60 min. (multi by 1.5) = 90 min
$1.75 per serving/food cost

Sous Chef makes 15 an hour it will take $22.50 to make divide by 20 (servings)= 1.11
add 1.75 to each serving = 2.86 x.35 = 1.01 =3.86 + 2.86 (double labor and cost) = 6.73 around up to $7.00

.35 per serving is an average of other costs to cover in shop.

Food cost 30%
Labor cost 20%
utilities 15%
Rent 10%
Taxes 14%
unknown 5%
unknown 6%

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