Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aquqponic wow!

Ten days ago I put my AP system together, eight days ago I put in some 2 year old root stock of asparagus and today the wife and I just snacked on a stalk.  I am so impressed with this setup and I don't even have any fish in it yet.  Once I have it established with fish I can add more grow-beds.  I wish I looked into this setup sooner.  The left over nightcrawlers took to the bed quickly and I hope the potato peels will do no harm to the system before the worms get to them. 
I think my duck weed is doing well, at least it looks like it is. This is the fish food I will be growing in a separate area or in my test system.  once I get my worm beds going I will greatly reduce my costs for fish food.  As for my test system MGM is digging it.
That is the test grow bed I have on there now, I have the new one almost ready to replace it. can you guess what I plan on planting in it? That's right the  rest of my asparagus root stock.  I can see I may have an issue with the cats thinking the grow bed as a litter box.  I may have to put a cover on it.

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