Sunday, May 22, 2011

13 Cooking methods

1. BAKING-Cook w/dry heat.
2. BOILING-Cook in rapidly bubbling liquid.
3. BRAISING- Food is first browned, and then cooked tightly covered in small amount of liquid for a lengthy time. Combination of steam and simmer.
4. BROILING- Cook food with an overhead heat source.
5. DEEP FRYING- Cook food submerged in hot liquid fat.
6. PAN FRYING- Cook w/moderate amount of oil/fat over med to high heat.
7. GRILLING- Cook with heat source beneath food.
8. POACHING-Cook food gently in flavored liquid @ about 160-180 degrees.
9. ROASTING- Surrounding a food with dry, heated air in a closed environment.
10. SAUTE- Cook food quickly in small amount of oil/fat in pan over direct heat.
11. SIMMER- Cook food gently in liquid @ about 185 degrees.
12. STEAM-Cook food on rack over boiling or simmering liquid in covered pan.
13. STEW-Cook food barely covered in liquid and simmered long time, covered pan.

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