Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ah Briton

There is something to be said about the food from that area, You will like it if you like your food cooked in some kind of fluid. It seems that most of the foods in the area you are either boiling or poaching. Yesterday we made Scotch eggs, Scones, Crumpets, Fish and Chips, Lemon Curd, Yorkshire pudding, and Chicken Tikka Masala. Of course it was all pretty tasty. I undercooked the eggs but I meant to do that and I am not a huge fan of a lot of sausage so I made it real thin. I will be making them for when family gets together. I can't wait to try it with quail eggs. Scones were right on, Lemon curd was perfect, crumpets were a bit thick due to the batter, Fish and Chips the batter was too salty so we added some sugar to the batter which in turn made it brown too much. Sugar can't change the salt, remember that. lol Chicken Tikka Masala was a little more spicy than I thought it would be but I do like the heat. Oh yeah we also made Shepard's pie. I think it is the first time I had an actual Shepherds pie without adding American flavors to it. It is still good comfort food and I had the left overs for Dinner. Today we are doing Espania, the sofrito is ready and waiting and EM is bringing some of her sofrito so it will be interesting to taste the difference. Today unlike yesterday I will try to remember to take pictures.

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