Sunday, May 8, 2011

AP system

First test which was about 2 weeks ago
PH 7.8
High range PH unknown
Nitrites .50
Ammonia .5-1.0
I added filtered city water, approximately 50 gallons last night and I found my fish gasping this morning and there is a fishy smell coming from the tank. (That is why I added more water) Water is very cloudy and the algae could be blooming in the extra water. Reintroduced the air stone just in case it was low O2 in the tank since adding the 50 gallons. The return water is just above the fish water and it isn't being agitated enough. It appears the fish were getting enough O2 without the air stone and the natural cycle. An hour later they are not gasping. I am not sure what is causing the fishy smell but it seems to smell like the Tetra Cichlid fish food so it could be extra on the bottom of the tank and I could be over feeding them. Isn't that what the craw-fish are for? I just ordered some trap-door snails

and they are suppose to eat up what is left over from the craw-fish and fish waste.
Today's test 8 May 2011
PH 7.2
High range PH 7.4
Ammonia 3.0-4.0

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