Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Field Trip to Dallas

Over all the trip to Dallas was educational, The highlights for me were going to different restaurants the first being Chuy's
a Mexican restaurant chain out of Austin for tacos. We had the bar manager answer all our questions for our homework and he was very happy to do so. I have to say I like going to small franchises as they usually have well trained staff and very energetic. You can tell Chuy's is a fun place focused to the younger crowd but it is still family friendly. It is a busy atmosphere and surprisingly clean. Everything is reasonably priced and everyone seemed to the food. Elaine and I ordered and split the fish and shrimp tacos with re-fried beans and rice (I didn't like the rice) and like most Mexican places they supply you with a bowl of chips and what appeared to be fresh made salsa. Ok running out of time so I will have to post more on this later.

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