Monday, May 2, 2011


So I get home from a catering gig around 0330 Sunday, and I finally fall asleep around 4 something. The next thing I remember is my wife yelling at me to help her as the front door flew open. There was a freight train running through the front yard and taking out our trees and front porch. We lost one non-bearing mulberry and half of another, top half of a pecan (lucky it fell the way it did or we would of been trapped in the house) and my favorite peach tree. Peeled the roof off one of my sheds and lots of shingles off the man-shed. I was able to fix the roof of the shed before I got the call my dad was in the ER. The Doc said he wasn't sure what the problem is but he ruled out anything serious so thank goodness for that. But now I have to skip school because I need to get the insurance guy out here and I need to cut down and tear out the dangerous hanging porch and limbs today. Joy I just want to go cook some french food. Oh the AP survived but the water is pretty yellow due to all the pecan tassles and shells that flew in it.

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