Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Notes: South America western side.


Tacu tacu
Salsa Criouax
Pulpo al oliva
Lomo saltado.
Chupe  de cauarones.

Influences Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, African.
Foods known for the area.
Terms:Aji  chili pepper
Cazuela  clay cooking  vessel
Chupe  stew
Mariscos   shellfish
Patacones  aka tostones   fried plantains
Lomito  loin typically pork
Quinoa high protein grain
Quesillos  little cheese, in Columbia. In Venezuela it is a type of flan dessert
Manioc starch yucca, cassava, tapoica.
Chifas Chinese restaurant
Chalufan  stirfry
Charqui  lama jerky
Guasacaca  avacado salad
Hallaca  tamale with different influences
Camarones  shrimp
Pulpo  octopus
Pescado  fish
Almejas clams

Notes: South America.

South America influences Afro

Carne Asada
Quiso de carne y pappas
Black beans and rice Eyrn more liquid
Red beans and rice Eryn more liquid so the starch will bind.
Ticos served family style I had to make and serve the tacos.
Tres  leche Eryn
Sacocho Wendy
Yucca frita Wendy
Ceviche Group fish was too big and inconsistent cuts, used the wrong chili powder.
Baleaela with mandatory black beans cheese egg
Refried beans

3:20-3:25 plate up.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notes: Caribbean

Sofrito Eyrn make sure all items are cut the same  size. Flavor real good.
Picklese Rob
Coo Coo Wendy
MoJo Wendy  bad recipe.
Picadillo was well liked good that I used the coconut water instead of stock.
Alcaparrias Wendy  cook longer, good presentation with the banana leaf.
Jerk Chicken Wendy best of the day. Picklese next time.
Fish Tacos Rob watch presentation and drain out the day
Mangos red onion relish Eyrn
Pineapple red onion relish Eyrn
Dunkanoo Rob follow the recipe next time. Do not deep fry.
Arepas Eyrn
Beignets de banana Rob too heavy but it was from adding the egg too late. Good with the Mexico creme.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Notes: Mexican cuisine

Corn tortallas turned out well
Tamales malfunction with the steamer and it didn't  make it to service.
Mole:  turned put pretty light  may need to use more or different chilis
Soup, chicken, squash blossoms. I would use stock but the recipe  called for water, it may of tasted better if I used al fresh squash blossoms instead of canned.
Empanodas use a stronger cheese next te
Carnitas Mark made the carnitas and of course it was outstanding.
Salsa same as yesterday.
Tikin xic (grilled fish) made with Annato paste, onions, peppers, wrapped In a banana leaf and cooked on the grill
Shrimp paste: next time use just smear (smaller amount)
Agua fresca (horchata) rice cinnamon almond next time use a cinnamon stick for garnish.

Notes: American regional Texas, southwest Rocky Mountain

Quesadillas, chili lamb shoulder,potato and Poblano  soup, chili, relanios,  raspberry chicken.

Texas, native American, Spanish, French, Mexico, southern cooking especially side dishes. Biggest influence in Texas of the rolling plains which brought ranching and cattle.  The Spaniards brought cattle which also brought mesquite trees.  Texas of cuisine is originated from a campfire, gave us chili, tortillas which was more like a gordia so the had to change it so it would last all day without breaking.  The differance between TexMex. Ranch style cuisine.  texmex has over 7,000 varieties  of chilies. Texmex is a fusion of Mexican cuisine and local ingredients. Burritos is not a Mexican dish.
Refritos is texmex not a Mexican dish, it is probably another campfire invention. Salsa is Mexican relish but Salsa  has changed and many different alternative ingredients are used and it is more of a texmex item.
Tamale is from the northern Mexico  but is probably  from the indigenous Indians from masa.
Fatajia orgfinally from the Rio Grand area which we couldn't  sell that piece of meat so ranchers would eat them.
Chili reonios is Texmex stuffed poblanios stuffed with cheese and corn
Spanish rice Mexican and Spanish not Texmex  usually served with pico.
Grown wild here is cumin, cilantro, anchos, chipotle.
Official dish of Texas is chili is from Texmex but changed to make what we have today.
Lot more sugar used in bbq sauce in Texas. The other sauces in the south use more vinegar and pork is used more than beef unlike Texas uses beef.
Italian food community in Houston like Fredericksburg has German food Community

Southwest cuisine is part of Co. Nevada, NM, Arizona, Nevada, Utah. Biggest influences  are indigenous. Spanish and hunters. Influenced  by game meats and native  dishes. Arizona is known  for the desert but the have a lot of rivers which include trout, and antelope.
Nevada one of the last places to populated of the whites. The food is mostly influenced be the indigenous.  Las Vegas grew due to the legality of gambling and whoring.  Big buffet town where that make it big but it is now dying due to the costs.  It is now becoming the culinary capitol of the world.  Celebrity chefs are moving to LAs Vegas. Sanation is a major issue with buffet so the public isn't into them anymore
Utah mormans brought a lot of root Veg. And the dutch oven from PA where John smith was kicked out of as well as Idaho and Missouri.
Santa Fe is known for the Navaho cuisine. Spanish had to adapt with the natives and they wanted to convert them. Old fruit water, Aqua fresca. Dandylion is used a lot original for dyes but the Spanish showed them the culinary aspects of it. Another wild herb is epazote and is used in a lot of Mexican cuisine. The natives didn't use it as a yfresh herb until the Spaniards showed them. Salasa verda  made with tomatllos. Quail is used a lot and the Spaniards showed them more ways to prepare. Pumpkins were a big crop. Corn squash and beans the trinity that is usually grown together as companion crops.  Green chili are grown all over the southwest.
Colorado rockies and the region has a lot of the same cusine  due to the big game animals.
Wyoming and Montana, known for their fish which includes black bass, trout, perch which grew well in the rivers. 
California cusine
Montana trout is king and the black bear big sky country
Wyoming is known for
Idaho is known for potatoes aka the gem state. Lots of berries in the northern part.

California especially southern part is influenced Mexico and even more by Spain,  there is also an Asian influence from the gold rush era. The earth in California is very nutrient rich due to the ancient volcanic soil so they found that everything grew well there in combination of weather. Since everything grew well the cusine reflects it. Alice waters brought the thought of only buying local.  Peta is trying to stop the eating of duck.  Grapes is the largest fruit grown and the next is Avacado is the next largest fruit which California grown and supplies 95 percent of united states uses. The desert area grows a lot of dates.
Cobb salad 1934 it was introduced.
Chipano is a fish stew made with tomato, usually make with the fodder parts nobody wanted, it has since everything changed and they use quality parts of meat.
Artichokes.  Sourdough  started with Louis Bourdine which was made by mistake due to the starter  sitting too long and it is usually made with grapes added to the starter. Green goddess salad  dressing invented by George Araliss anchoves
French dressings.

Menu for the day is:
Chili;  stop using French onion bowls.
Grilled quesadillas roasted peppers and casio
Fajaties needed to be cooked a little more they are a bit to rare.
Poblano  and potato soup peppers can use a better roast for more flavor use the grill instead of the propane torch.
Lamb shoulder with red chili pesto with pumpkin seeds,  lamb was good and is cooked just right the peppers mellowed out nice.
Chili relanios little more salt is needed.
Sopapillas; over worked the dough so they didn't poof up.
California Coppino; Raspberry chicken more cream is needed add more color and plating 
3:45 is plate up.

Notes: Front of the house service and Mozzarella from Serigo

Make sure that the tables are uniform, and make sure you don't place them to close and when choosing chairs make sure you choose one that will sit a wide range of body sizes.   Should leave napkins just in case of an accident. Wait until all people are finished before pre-busing so you don't make them feel rushed. Everyone's duty to fill ice, water other small duties are usually tasked out to one person but if it needs done do it. Pivot points are important so other servers know where or who gets what at any table. 
Modifiers are additional items on or off the plate.  So on your ticket make room for any modifcations.  cya when you take an order with kitchen and back wait staff. Teach servers the cook times. Today we have a guest chef showing us how to make mozzarella. Fresher the curd -lower temp mozzarella.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Florida and Caribbean, Louisiana cuisine.

Notes: Key lime pie, too close of a race but I think ours was the best and mark hates to bake.
You will see mostly black and red beans and not usually the white beans in the keys. Conch is a keys sea snale
Grouper is a large fish that is used in Caribbean cuisine, white flakey fish.
Corn and Jaciama  salad. We didn't  make.
Mojo's- wet maranade or rub. Used with fish and or pork.
Avacado aka alligator pear.
Corn custard came out too wet so it needs an extra egg and some flour next time. Adjusted.recipe.
Cuban pork with black beans made with a holy trinity. Pork loin. Combo cooking on the pork they liked all of ours about the same.
Rice and beans #2 close running tho.
Benites room temp. proofed did better the the one in the fridge, the one dough performed perfect the next day for breakfast.
Shrimp cervisa liked our presentation the most, #1 fav of C-Denise.
Etuffee I need to use stock instead of water and use the holy trinity next time.
Jumbilia  cook the rice with a everything instead of adding it afterwards. #1

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update 6 June 2011

I have been slacking on this blog since our trip to Dallas,  I will be keeping up with it from now on.

I wasn't at school on Monday and missed out on the North East but today we did Hawaii and the Pacific North West.
There are a lot of Asian influences to both areas, a lot of fusion with the native population and other nationalities. For Hawaii  we were tasked out to make a dipping sauces, Poke, Rice,

Malasada, Spam Musubi, and Spring rolls.
For the PNW we made Brussel sprouts, Carmelized Salmon, Chocolate flour-less cake,
with a coffee creme anglais.

Peas soup,

Pear hazelnut salad,

and Soba Noodle Salad.

Good presentation, spam was seared just right and good presentation on the Musabi, Pea soup was good and the mint and crab came out just right, (will need to process the peas a little bit better as one of the chefs got some skin). Pear salad was good and the greens were tossed alone with the dressing and the toppings added later was well liked. Soba noodles were a little over cooked, asparagus could use a smaller cut but was cooked perfectly, Poke maybe a little smaller but but cook well. (I found it a bit salty but Chef coby said it was correct). Watch out for whole peppercorns in the food, May need to crush it further. Instead of filling up the plate with multiple portions of cake just go with one piece. Malasadas topped with a coconut milk glaze but it was a bit thin and the doughnuts should of given more time to proof. Over all my team did a great job.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notes: South America

Two land locked countries in South America, indigenous peoples didn't use any form of fat until Spain showed up in through 1500s. The produce of SA changed the way most of the world ate. Introduction of fats changed the way most natives ate as well. Then came the slave trade  and that also introduce other cuisine that was fused and change do to the wealth of produce.
Customers liked both of my items I made which were Flan, and the Brazilian blackbean soup topped with Mexican creame and lime.