Friday, June 10, 2011

Florida and Caribbean, Louisiana cuisine.

Notes: Key lime pie, too close of a race but I think ours was the best and mark hates to bake.
You will see mostly black and red beans and not usually the white beans in the keys. Conch is a keys sea snale
Grouper is a large fish that is used in Caribbean cuisine, white flakey fish.
Corn and Jaciama  salad. We didn't  make.
Mojo's- wet maranade or rub. Used with fish and or pork.
Avacado aka alligator pear.
Corn custard came out too wet so it needs an extra egg and some flour next time. Adjusted.recipe.
Cuban pork with black beans made with a holy trinity. Pork loin. Combo cooking on the pork they liked all of ours about the same.
Rice and beans #2 close running tho.
Benites room temp. proofed did better the the one in the fridge, the one dough performed perfect the next day for breakfast.
Shrimp cervisa liked our presentation the most, #1 fav of C-Denise.
Etuffee I need to use stock instead of water and use the holy trinity next time.
Jumbilia  cook the rice with a everything instead of adding it afterwards. #1

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