Thursday, June 16, 2011

Notes: American regional Texas, southwest Rocky Mountain

Quesadillas, chili lamb shoulder,potato and Poblano  soup, chili, relanios,  raspberry chicken.

Texas, native American, Spanish, French, Mexico, southern cooking especially side dishes. Biggest influence in Texas of the rolling plains which brought ranching and cattle.  The Spaniards brought cattle which also brought mesquite trees.  Texas of cuisine is originated from a campfire, gave us chili, tortillas which was more like a gordia so the had to change it so it would last all day without breaking.  The differance between TexMex. Ranch style cuisine.  texmex has over 7,000 varieties  of chilies. Texmex is a fusion of Mexican cuisine and local ingredients. Burritos is not a Mexican dish.
Refritos is texmex not a Mexican dish, it is probably another campfire invention. Salsa is Mexican relish but Salsa  has changed and many different alternative ingredients are used and it is more of a texmex item.
Tamale is from the northern Mexico  but is probably  from the indigenous Indians from masa.
Fatajia orgfinally from the Rio Grand area which we couldn't  sell that piece of meat so ranchers would eat them.
Chili reonios is Texmex stuffed poblanios stuffed with cheese and corn
Spanish rice Mexican and Spanish not Texmex  usually served with pico.
Grown wild here is cumin, cilantro, anchos, chipotle.
Official dish of Texas is chili is from Texmex but changed to make what we have today.
Lot more sugar used in bbq sauce in Texas. The other sauces in the south use more vinegar and pork is used more than beef unlike Texas uses beef.
Italian food community in Houston like Fredericksburg has German food Community

Southwest cuisine is part of Co. Nevada, NM, Arizona, Nevada, Utah. Biggest influences  are indigenous. Spanish and hunters. Influenced  by game meats and native  dishes. Arizona is known  for the desert but the have a lot of rivers which include trout, and antelope.
Nevada one of the last places to populated of the whites. The food is mostly influenced be the indigenous.  Las Vegas grew due to the legality of gambling and whoring.  Big buffet town where that make it big but it is now dying due to the costs.  It is now becoming the culinary capitol of the world.  Celebrity chefs are moving to LAs Vegas. Sanation is a major issue with buffet so the public isn't into them anymore
Utah mormans brought a lot of root Veg. And the dutch oven from PA where John smith was kicked out of as well as Idaho and Missouri.
Santa Fe is known for the Navaho cuisine. Spanish had to adapt with the natives and they wanted to convert them. Old fruit water, Aqua fresca. Dandylion is used a lot original for dyes but the Spanish showed them the culinary aspects of it. Another wild herb is epazote and is used in a lot of Mexican cuisine. The natives didn't use it as a yfresh herb until the Spaniards showed them. Salasa verda  made with tomatllos. Quail is used a lot and the Spaniards showed them more ways to prepare. Pumpkins were a big crop. Corn squash and beans the trinity that is usually grown together as companion crops.  Green chili are grown all over the southwest.
Colorado rockies and the region has a lot of the same cusine  due to the big game animals.
Wyoming and Montana, known for their fish which includes black bass, trout, perch which grew well in the rivers. 
California cusine
Montana trout is king and the black bear big sky country
Wyoming is known for
Idaho is known for potatoes aka the gem state. Lots of berries in the northern part.

California especially southern part is influenced Mexico and even more by Spain,  there is also an Asian influence from the gold rush era. The earth in California is very nutrient rich due to the ancient volcanic soil so they found that everything grew well there in combination of weather. Since everything grew well the cusine reflects it. Alice waters brought the thought of only buying local.  Peta is trying to stop the eating of duck.  Grapes is the largest fruit grown and the next is Avacado is the next largest fruit which California grown and supplies 95 percent of united states uses. The desert area grows a lot of dates.
Cobb salad 1934 it was introduced.
Chipano is a fish stew made with tomato, usually make with the fodder parts nobody wanted, it has since everything changed and they use quality parts of meat.
Artichokes.  Sourdough  started with Louis Bourdine which was made by mistake due to the starter  sitting too long and it is usually made with grapes added to the starter. Green goddess salad  dressing invented by George Araliss anchoves
French dressings.

Menu for the day is:
Chili;  stop using French onion bowls.
Grilled quesadillas roasted peppers and casio
Fajaties needed to be cooked a little more they are a bit to rare.
Poblano  and potato soup peppers can use a better roast for more flavor use the grill instead of the propane torch.
Lamb shoulder with red chili pesto with pumpkin seeds,  lamb was good and is cooked just right the peppers mellowed out nice.
Chili relanios little more salt is needed.
Sopapillas; over worked the dough so they didn't poof up.
California Coppino; Raspberry chicken more cream is needed add more color and plating 
3:45 is plate up.

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