Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notes: Caribbean

Sofrito Eyrn make sure all items are cut the same  size. Flavor real good.
Picklese Rob
Coo Coo Wendy
MoJo Wendy  bad recipe.
Picadillo was well liked good that I used the coconut water instead of stock.
Alcaparrias Wendy  cook longer, good presentation with the banana leaf.
Jerk Chicken Wendy best of the day. Picklese next time.
Fish Tacos Rob watch presentation and drain out the day
Mangos red onion relish Eyrn
Pineapple red onion relish Eyrn
Dunkanoo Rob follow the recipe next time. Do not deep fry.
Arepas Eyrn
Beignets de banana Rob too heavy but it was from adding the egg too late. Good with the Mexico creme.

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