Thursday, June 16, 2011

Notes: Front of the house service and Mozzarella from Serigo

Make sure that the tables are uniform, and make sure you don't place them to close and when choosing chairs make sure you choose one that will sit a wide range of body sizes.   Should leave napkins just in case of an accident. Wait until all people are finished before pre-busing so you don't make them feel rushed. Everyone's duty to fill ice, water other small duties are usually tasked out to one person but if it needs done do it. Pivot points are important so other servers know where or who gets what at any table. 
Modifiers are additional items on or off the plate.  So on your ticket make room for any modifcations.  cya when you take an order with kitchen and back wait staff. Teach servers the cook times. Today we have a guest chef showing us how to make mozzarella. Fresher the curd -lower temp mozzarella.

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