Thursday, June 16, 2011

Notes: Mexican cuisine

Corn tortallas turned out well
Tamales malfunction with the steamer and it didn't  make it to service.
Mole:  turned put pretty light  may need to use more or different chilis
Soup, chicken, squash blossoms. I would use stock but the recipe  called for water, it may of tasted better if I used al fresh squash blossoms instead of canned.
Empanodas use a stronger cheese next te
Carnitas Mark made the carnitas and of course it was outstanding.
Salsa same as yesterday.
Tikin xic (grilled fish) made with Annato paste, onions, peppers, wrapped In a banana leaf and cooked on the grill
Shrimp paste: next time use just smear (smaller amount)
Agua fresca (horchata) rice cinnamon almond next time use a cinnamon stick for garnish.

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