Monday, July 11, 2011

Learning to be a self sustaining chef

This is my new AP project, it is a 1200 liter "tote" which used to hold Hawaiian Punch concentrate. As you see here I paused to show that I am cutting the top of it off. The image below you can see where I had to add a support to hold the bottom up since the organization I acquired these tanks from cut a huge hole the full length of one side. probably to empty it quicker. I had to measure it just right so I could fit the fish tank done the narrow cellar stairwell.
I was able to bend the tank enough to get it in the cellar.
I then had to cut the top rung off of the top of the cage to house the main grow bed and then cut another row out so I could fit the metal cage down the stairs.

My metal stand left over from my homebrew store (we used to use this stand hold the barrels of malt extract) and it was almost the right size and I am happy with the construction. Thanks again Nick!

I did have to add a couple more supports as it wasn't wide enough.
I had to buy a pond liner for the grow bed and after sizing and cutting the plumbing screwed right down to the liner and sealed with silicone.

The next few images are of the lid and the plumbing I added.

You can see the plumbing coming up through the pond liner. At this point the lid is screwed tight to the bottom of the grow bed.

I now need to stop posting AP stuff and go back to studying for my test tomorrow. Here is a good site and found it while researching recipes.

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