Monday, October 3, 2011

Wine tasting class with real bad uncorrected grammar and spelling.

Rhone region is the most consumer friendly region.
Hungry's only wine is the Tokaji.
Spain-fusion of foods, sherry-many regions but one stands out is Northern Portagal.
Loire valley-muscadet, sancerne.
Champagne- bordeaux:
Wine tasting:
Pinot noir-has a cherry notes
3 October
Cotes d Rhone (slopes of rhone) 60% granach 40% syrah.  Easy drinking, not too intrusive. Cherries, oak, slightly musty.

Bordeaux/medoc(Northern Bordeaux) blend 06- long legs, slight spice, cherry/plums, not too acidic slightly sweet yet dry finish.

07 Tuscan (super tuscan) 90% sangiovese, 10%, Merlot. very fruity, very nice.

Zinfandel-aka primitivo in Italy. old vine. Nicely balanced, very berry hints, with some vanilla and cherry.  Long legs. 14.5 abv.

White wine:

Pinion Greagio, butterscotch, musty. Not my favorite. Pears perry flavor without the sweetness.

Sauvignon blanc: madavoie (robert) vineyard fuma blanc grapes. Madaovie put their own label on their grapes. Good with most white sauces and some light red sauces. Really good with valoutie sauce. Granny smith apples.

Chardonnay: every common all over the world due to the hardness to the grapes. Org. From burgundy area. Tropical fruits light fruits. Same area they make champagne with pinot noir grapes. Good for light sauces and deglasing.  oly fish, pasta, etc.

Piesporter, light citrus, best white so far. Mostly from germany and france. Al sais.
Australian Rieslings are different styles and flavors. Germany riesling generally sweet to cut the strong flavors of sausages etc. Oz. styles are very dry and mineral flavors.

Moscato: sparkling wine with a grapefruit note. Sweet and fruity.
Late harvest.


Su meshi~ prepared sushi rice
Nori ~seaweed but it is actual alge
Gari ~pickled ginger
Nagiri ~hand formed with a piece of fish on top.
Maki sushi ~general term for rolled sushi
Hosomaki~ thin roll
Futomaki~ big roll
Uramaki ~inside out, California rolls is an example.
Temaki ~rolled by hand in a cone shape.
Gunkan ~battleship.
Surimi ~crab sticks
Chiriash sushi ~ scattered sushi.

Buckwheat noodles and dipping sauce.
Cold somen noodles
Seaweed salad
Cucumber salad

Sushi rice rinse 3 times, and let it dry (so the correct amount of water is used) equal amounts of water and rice.

South asia

India, pakistan, nepal, bangladesh,

Rice, yogurt,(raita)(savory or spicy yogurt. Naan, curry, pigeon peas, lentils, dall (yellow split peas), chutney, andoori means bbq. Rub, sauce, wet bbq.

Curry is a sauce, or gravy. Curry leaf looks like a bay leaf and is used like a bay leaf to give you a base note in flavor.

Rice Eryn
Raita Rob
Chutney Eryn
Tandoori Heather and Wendy
Saag paneer Heather
Vindaloo must be spicy Rob
Curry Wendy