Monday, October 3, 2011


Su meshi~ prepared sushi rice
Nori ~seaweed but it is actual alge
Gari ~pickled ginger
Nagiri ~hand formed with a piece of fish on top.
Maki sushi ~general term for rolled sushi
Hosomaki~ thin roll
Futomaki~ big roll
Uramaki ~inside out, California rolls is an example.
Temaki ~rolled by hand in a cone shape.
Gunkan ~battleship.
Surimi ~crab sticks
Chiriash sushi ~ scattered sushi.

Buckwheat noodles and dipping sauce.
Cold somen noodles
Seaweed salad
Cucumber salad

Sushi rice rinse 3 times, and let it dry (so the correct amount of water is used) equal amounts of water and rice.

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